Billet Homes

Our billet homes and the parents in them are considered the “guardians” of the players in their care, meaning they are responsible for the safety and well-being of that player.
Each billet must be provided with a bed, a dresser and/or closet space, a pillow, blankets and towels. If you have more than one player billeting, it is acceptable to bunk them in the same room.
In addition to their space, billets should be able to access the internet within the home, preferably from in their room. Many come with computers, gaming consoles and phones so having a good internet plan is recommended.
Billet Homes are provided billet payments of $600/month at the start of each month.

Billets Who Attend School

Hockey billets registered at Eagle River Secondary School are expected to attend classes on time and maintain their grades.
Parents who register their sons for school should provide the billet family contact info to the school for emergencies. The GM will provide the school with the appropriate info regarding the team, practice and game schedules.
Billet parents should notify the school, the players parents and the GM if the player is ill and unable to attend school.
Billet parents should contact the players parents and or the GM if issues arise with the player as it pertains to school.

Billet House Rules

Prior to being assigned to billet homes; players are made aware of the rules and the code of conduct the team sets out. The billet home rules should be discussed with the player with their parents present if possible so everyone is clear as to what the house rules are.
Items to discuss would be laundry, cleaning their rooms, changing their bedding, cleaning up after themselves following meals, preparing lunches and snacks.
We find it best to treat players as you would your own children when it comes to responsibilities, but again each family is different. If the parents or billet parents have any difficulties in this area, contact the billet coordinator for guidance.

Meals: Hockey players burn an enormous amount of calories and therefore require meals and snacks throughout the day. Billet parents should ensure any food allergies, dislikes and preferences are identified once the billet arrives in their home. Billet families do not necessarily have to change their meal routine at home other than possibly on game days and away games when the player may need to eat earlier or pack something for the road. In many cases we have found the players are able to cook or at least prepare a snack for themselves. This again is an area that you should discuss so it works best for all.

Drinking: Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in any way; this is a team rule.

Illness: From time to time players will get ill… colds, flu, sore throats, etc. If players are to ill to attend school or hockey the billet parent should be aware and notify the parents, the school and the GM of any absences. Notify their parents if the illness persists and you feel they need to seek medical attention. Billets should have their Health Card in case medical attention is required.

Chores: This is a tough area as it is difficult to assign tasks, but we have said all along its best to treat your billet like you would your own child and that may include helping with chores such as taking out the trash or shoveling the driveway. We leave this up to each family to discuss with their billet.

Driving: Many of our players have cars and will be required to have parking available at your residence for their vehicle. It is recommended that you do not let your billet drive your vehicle.

Hanging Out: Some other items we have addressed in the past are other players congregating at one of the billet homes to eat… we know and encourage the boys to form relationships and them eating together seems to be popular. This is something our billet moms seemed to enjoy and were able to work it out by having the players take turns ‘entertaining’. If it becomes an issue, speak with the billet coordinator.

Behavior: Bad or disrespectful behavior of any kind will not be tolerated and should be addressed immediately. However, we have found that is not the norm for our team players because of the relationships the players, the players family and the billet families form. Open lines of communication and regular check ins with both parents and billet parents is key.

Parents Visiting: We are always happy to see our players parents come to visit and spend time together. If you plan to stay overnight, you are welcome to have your son some and stay with you in your accommodations if you so choose.
If you need assistance finding accommodations, please contact our Visitor Centre at 250-836-3313 and they will be happy to help you find suitable accommodation. There are a variety of B&B’s, Motels and Condo Rentals available year round.

If you would like to become a billet or have any questions concerning billeting, please contact our billet coordinator: Victoria Cameron