Eagles Nest Pilot Project

The Eagles Nest – A Pilot Project

Background: The District of Sicamous recently entered into a lease agreement with the Shuswap Hockey Academy Society to lease a 22-unit modular building to operate an elite hockey academy. As a result of the Covid-19 virus the Academy was unable to fulfill the agreement due to low enrollment. This unfortunate set of circumstances has created an opportunity the Sicamous Eagles to implement a feasibility study to create a Pilot Project for small communities to host Junior hockey programs.

Rationale: The Sicamous Eagles Billet coordinator is challenged each year with finding suitable homes for up to 23 players in a community where the population is approximately 2500 year round residents. Covid-19 has made it near impossible to find billet homes this year as families try to keep within their “bubble”.  The ongoing threat of another outbreak looming has caused those we could count on annually to reconsider welcoming a stranger into their home. The fact of the matter is, even if we did have billet homes, the players would not be free to socialize as they have in the past which would have a significant impact on their ability to bond as a team.

The Proposal: The Sicamous Eagles Hockey Society would like to suggest the Sicamous Eagles Hockey team enter into an agreement with the District of Sicamous to take over the 22-unit building for the purpose of conducting a feasibility study. The study will take place during the 2020/2021 season and will explore the potential for the Sicamous Eagles to become the first team in the KIJHL to offer a comprehensive program that would include team living accommodations.

Implementation: The building will be in place at the beginning of the season. There will be a minimum of 20 players and the coach/assistant coach in residence at all times. The Sicamous Eagles will enter into an agreement with the District of Sicamous that will ensure the needs of all parties are identified and met.

Goal: The goal of the project will be gather sufficient data to support grant applications and funding opportunities that would allow the Sicamous Eagles to build their own building and work with the Hockey Academy to develop and promote a hockey program like no other.

Initial Steps:
Determine potential costs and staffing needs to house and feed players for the season.
Draft and post RFP for a Cleaning and a Food Service provider.


September 2020