Your 2021-2022 Sicamous Eagles

Here are your 2021-2022 Sicamous Eagles!

The Sicamous Eagles are as follows. Players sitting in three rows and coaching staff standing, all from left to right:

Front Row: Jordan Lott, Ethan Matiece, Sante Canderan, Jordan Radke, Isaac Thomas, Hayden Fast, Dmitry Dyskin, Gage Reimer
Middle Row: Griffin Heaney, Adam Layden, Chase Jarman, Alex Smith, Jace Ticknor, Tayce Miller
Back Row: Devin McNair, Johnny Lopez, Nash Hodgetts, Chaz Sylvestre, Tyler Rimstad
Coaching Staff: Mike Dupuis, Hugh Dunlop, Steven Powers, Liam Sutherland, Nick Deschenes, Rob Sutherland, Tyler Moore, Ann-Marie Crandlemire