Join the Eagles Family

Hello Sicamous, your Eagles are looking to grow the family.

Your Eagles were built on the backs of great Sicamous volunteers such as Wayne & Lorraine March, Lloyd & Joyce Franson, Don ‘Busey’ & Lana Kerr, Harvey & Anne Hume, Doug & Marilyn Birks, Elaine Whitehead and Gordon Eddy to name a few and we want to and need to bring in more locals to continue supporting this great hockey program that has helped many players including local kids Shea Weber, Kris Beech and Cody Franson become NHL players. They aren’t kids anymore, they are upstanding citizens in their communities, leaders on the ice, family men and fathers. Our staff and volunteers helped guide these players in becoming who they are. It is a good feeling knowing that you were a part of helping someone become a great person.

It is time for the next generation of Sicamousians to step in and take their position within the legacy the Sicamous Eagles are. Wayne March, Don LaRoy and company brought this team through the first 25 years, let’s get on board with Ron Sleeman and Rob Sutherland and let’s fly into the next 25 years with a great big family and great success. Let’s have fun!

We have positions available like Goal Judge, Time Keeper, Security/Usher and Broadcast Computer Controller but if you are not sure how you can help but want to get involved, send a text 778-549-5817 or email to Assistant GM Rob Sutherland and he would be happy to discuss with you the positions that we already have available, positions that we would like backup for, positions that we would like to create and/or positions that you think you could help with.

All volunteers attend home games for free and training will be provided for all positions.

Thank you Sicamous, we really want to work with our community so we can all benefit from each other wherever possible.

Rob Sutherland
Assistant GM
Sicamous Eagles