Eagles in Need of Billet Families

Every junior hockey player living in a town far from where they grew up needs a home away from home. That’s where the dedicated families who billet players come in, and the Sicamous Eagles need more of them.

Victoria Cameron, the Eagles billet coordinator and a billet parent herself for the last three years, described providing a home for the players as one of the greatest experiences she has ever had. “Once those kids show up, you instantly form a bond and it doesn’t go away,” she said. Cameron said she has become so involved with the young hockey players lives that she has even attended high school graduation ceremonies in their home towns.

According to Cameron, the Eagles currently have five billet homes and could use five more. Cameron has three players living with her; one has been living under her roof for three years now. Cameron said the team can work with placing players based on the space available. Often players are billeted one or two in the same house, but Cameron said some families with plenty of space have taken in four or more.

The Eagles provide a billet fee to all the families who house their players at the beginning of each month. Cameron said in her experience, the fee has always been enough to cover the added expenses of housing young men including groceries, hydro and internet. “They all show up with a game console and a TV,” Cameron said with a laugh.

Cameron said anyone who would like more information about billeting players for the Eagles can reach her at 5victoriacameron@gmail.com, or at 250-836-9463 during business hours.

“It’s an experience that people will forever cherish, meeting these kids,” Cameron said.


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